Aledia announces the world's most efficient 1.5 micron microLEDs

France-based microLED developer Aledia announced some breakthrough advances. The first one is a new <1.5 um microLED device that has the world's highest EQE of 32%. Aledia says that this new device leads to a Wall Plug Efficiency (WPE) of 320 milliwatts of visible light output per watt of electrical power input. 

Aledia microLED produced on 300mm silicon at CEA-Leti

As you can guess from the first subject, Aledia has successfully reduced its microLED pixel size to 2 um, or even below. Finally, Aledia says that it has reached a 99% DCI-P3 color gamut. 


Aledia raised over 360 million Euro in total, with the latest 120 million Euro round announced in October 2023. In 2020 Aledia announced that it plans to establish a 140 million euros LED production fab.

Aledia was spun-off from CEA-Leti, to commercialize 3D-Nanowire LED technology. The company has over 250 patent families (granted, or in application) and has two nanowire LED platforms:

  • The most mature, now being optimized for volume manufacturing, is based on blue-emitting GaN nanowires on 8’’ silicon wafers, using color conversion for green and red colors. This platform has one of the smallest µLED (1.2µm in diameter) with up to 30% WPE, and has demonstrated the first 300mm µLED wafers fully operational. With this platform Aledia is releasing its first product, a 160µm RGB single-chip LED for fine pitch videowalls and luxury TVs.
  • Aledia next-generation microLED platform (Platform 2), still in R&D, allows direct emission in RGB (all colors obtained with GaN) with a controlled emission angle — most of the light can be emitted in a +/- 20° cone. This platform targets 6500ppi (2µm subpixel) single-chip RGB arrays for AR applications.

Aledia's epiwafer production uses Veeco's CVD production equipment.

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Posted: May 02,2024 by Ron Mertens