AUO shows new automotive microLED display prototypes at CES 2024

AUO is demonstrating several new displays at CES 2024, including some new automotive microLEDs.

The first display is a new touch-enabled transparent microLED panel that is integrated in vehicle side windows. AUO did not disclose any technical specifications. In the past, AUO demonstrated many transparent microLEDs, including a 13.5" 1920x1080 panel shown in 2023, with a transparency of 55% and a high brightness of 5,000 nits. The microLEDs used in that display were 30 micron in size.


AUO is also showing rollable microLED displays, but we do not have any information - or even a photo of this panel (yet). Finally, the company is showing "concealed" (or "blended") microLED displays that are totally invisible when not in use, and that can be seamlessly integrated into the vehicle's interior design.

Last month AUO announced its plans to invest further in its microLED technologies, and re-iterated its plans to mass produce microLED smartwatch displays by the end of 2023 - and also to introduce automotive and TV displays. You can read more about AUO's microLED wearable display project here. In November 2023, AUO announced an agreement with PlayNitride, to build a $21.5 million 6-inch microLED production line at AUO's Longtan factory.

Posted: Jan 04,2024 by Ron Mertens