MicroLED equipment makers


3D Micromac logoGermany-based 3D-Micromac AG is the industry leader in laser micromachining and roll-to-roll laser systems. The company develops and manufactures processes and laser systems delivering powerful, user-friendly and leading-edge processes with superior production efficiency.

3D Micromac microCETI system photo

3D-Micromac systems and services have been successfully implemented in various high-tech industries worldwide. This includes semiconductor, photovoltaic, glass and display industry, electronics, as well as medical device technology.


For microLED display manufacturing, 3D-Micromac offers industrial laser solutions for mass production:


Coherent logoCoherent makes the amazing possible using the power of light. Performance, quality, and a global expert network support our customers in scientific, medical, electronics, and manufacturing markets.

Coherent microLED system photo

MicroLEDs represents an exciting opportunity, potentially lowering the costs for very large area displays as well as some small area display applications. High energy, ultraviolet lasers are the key to success to cut production costs, increase throughput, and improve quality. Coherent provides several solutions from a single laser source, optical systems up to an integrated system for the three vital processes in MicroLED fabrication: Laser Lift-Off (LLO), Laser-Induced Forward Transfer (LIFT), and Repair/Trimming. Coherent also covers more process steps of the entire MicroLED production chain from laser cutting by ultrashort pulse lasers to Laser Assisted Bonding (LAB) by diode lasers.


InZiv logoInZiv, based in Israel, provides testing and inspection tools for the microLED industry.

InZiv’s technology offers both full wafer and localized individual pixel inspection at high resolution. The OmniPix 2.0 is a premier microLED testing system, employing AOI, PL and EL to provide the most critical measurements for today's microLED testing needs, including EQE and angular measurements. Integrating multiple inspection modalities all in one system, the OmniPix 2.0 provides a comprehensive analysis of both the whole wafer and its sub-pixel features. The unique combination empowers microLED developers with the ability to better understand the relationship between light, color, voltage, and structure - directly addressing today's most critical challenges in microLED.

Recently, InZiv announced the introduction of a new industrial tool, the R-EL, a high-throughput EL microLED wafer inspection system. This revolutionary technology offers a high-speed and high-accuracy system for microLED wafer electroluminescence inspection. The technology is non-damaging and compatible with both vertical and flip-chip structures.

InZiv already counts among its customers some of the world’s leading display and LED manufacturers across the globe.

Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment (AMEC)

AMEC logoAdvanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment (AMEC) is a China-based global semiconductor microfabrication equipment company. AMEC specializes in equipment used to develop and produce micro-sized and nanoscale-sized VLSIs, focusing on chemical vapor deposition and plasma etching products.

In 2018 AMEC announced it will setup an R&D and production facility in Nanchang, that will apply MOCVD technology for power devices, deep ultraviolet devices and micro LEDs.


Aixtron logoAixtron AG is a provider of deposition equipment to the semiconductor industry. The company's technology solutions are used by a diverse range of customers world wide to build advanced components for electronic and opto-electronic applications based on compound, silicon, or organic semiconductor materials.

ASM Pacific Technology

ASM Pacific Technology logoASM Pacific Technology (ASMPT), established in 1975 and based in Hong Kong, offers assembly equipment, packaging equipment, surface mount technology equipment, and other equipment types for semiconductor and optoelectronics processes.

For MicroLED production, the company offers transfer equipment based on the company's patented soldering tip technology, in addition to epiwafer deposition equipment and more.

ASMPT SEMI Solutions

ASMPT logoGlobally headquartered in Singapore, ASMPT is a leading global supplier of hardware and software solutions for the manufacture of semiconductors and electronics. ASMPT’s solutions range from wafer deposition and laser grooving to the others that shape, assemble and package delicate electronic and optical components into a wide range of end-user devices, which include electronics, mobile communications, computing, automotive, industrial and LED (displays).

ASMPT provides mass transfer & mass bonding equipment for MicroLED production and works close with Tier-1 microLED display makers.

BE Semiconductor Industries - Besi

BE Semiconductor Industries (Besi) develops assembly processes and equipment for leadframe, substrate and wafer level packaging applications in a wide range of end-user markets.

For the MicroLED market, Besi offers transfer and assembly equipment.


BluGlass logoBluGlass was established in 2005 to commercialize semiconductor processes and equipment for the manufacture of high efficiency devices. BluGlass' proprietary Remote Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition (RPCVD) is used to produce LED and power electronic devices in a cost-effective way.

In 2018 BluGlass signed a collaboration agreement with a microLED company to investigate the use of its RPCVD process for MicroLED production. In 2019 it was revealed that BluGlass's first partner is X-Celeprint.


BluGlass is a public company trading on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: BLG).

Bolite Optoelectronics

Bolite Optoelectronics logoTaiwan-based Bolite Optoelectronics provides highly customizable laser solutions. Bolite is a system integrator of solid-state, fiber, or diode laser technologies, including dual- and multi-wavelength lasers.

Bolite manufactures laser micromachining equipment that can process a wide range of materials with feature size as fine as 1 micron. For the mini-LED and micro-LED markets, the company offers laser lift-off, laser trimming and repair, photoluminescence inspection, laser bonding, laser annealing, and micro laser marking.

Charm Engineering

Charm Engineering logoKorea-based Charm Engineering is engaged in the manufacture of equipment for the display and semiconductor industries.

Charm Engineering developed equipment to repair microLEDs, using laser to fine-process materials at the micro-size level and can repair both chip and circuit board defects.


In collaboration with Korea's Photonics Technology Institute (KOPTI), Charm Engineering developed TFT array defective wiring repair equipment for micro-LED and supplied several systems to Micro-LED developers.

ClassOne Technology

US-based ClassOne Technology develops and sells high-performance electroplating and wet processing systems for the manufacture of advanced microelectronics, for both R&D and high-volume fab environments.

For the microLED industry, ClassOne offers its Solstice single wafer electroplating and wet process platform, which the company says is installed at several microLED developers. The company also offers its reactor technology for the industry.


In 2022, ClassOne announced that it shipped its Solstice S4 single-wafer plating system to Raxium, a microLED microdisplay developer acquired by Google. ClassOne also collaborates with the Fraunhofer ENAS to develop hybrid bonding for microLED applications.

Control Technology

Contrel Technology, established in Taiwan in 1998, designs and produces equipment for the production of flat panel displays, including LCDs, OLEDs, miniLEDs and microLEDs.

For the microLED industry, Contrel designs laser-based mass transfer and repair systems.


CyberOptics logoUs-based CyberOptics Corporation develops high-precision 3D sensing technology solutions. The company's tools are used for inspection and metrology in the semiconductor and Surface Mount Technology (SMT) markets.

For the microLED market, CyberOptics offers its Multi-Reflection Suppression (MRS)-enabled SQ3000 Multi-Function systems for Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) and Coordinate Measurements (CMM). In 2022 CyberOptics was acquired by Nordson Corporation.

Element 3-5

Germany-based Element 3-5 [Element three to five] offers production equipment based on a novel low-temperature in-line deposition technology for the production of wide-bandgap semiconductors. 

The company's technology can be used to deposit and pattern AlN and GaN (LED stacks) on large-area substrate. Element 3-5's microLED technology is at an early stage, but could be disruptive in the way it enables transfer-less large-area microLED production. 

ELP Corporation

Korea-based ELP Corporation, established in 1999, designs and produces test and measurement systems (and some production systems) for the semiconductor and display industries.

For the microLED industry ELP offers microLED EL and PL testing systems, pick and place (transfer) systems and LED processing systems.y, ELP 


Korea-based Enjet, established in 2009, produces nanjet printers and coaters to various industries, such as smartphones, displays, semiconductors, glass, camera modules and more.

For the microLED industry, Enjet offers a high precision EHD inkjet microLED repair tool , used to remove bad LEDs and replace them with good ones using EHD-based transfer.


evatec logoEvatec offers complete process solutions for the semiconductor, optoelectronics, photonics and advanced packaging markets.

For the MicroLED display market, evatec offers thin-film deposition tools for GaN LED growth.


Switzerland-based Exaddon offers high-precision and innovative additive (3D Printed) micromanufacturing solutions for different markets.

For the microLED industry, the company's CERES system enables the printing of under 20 micron probes for microLED testing.


Favite Technology logoFavite Technology, established in 2000 in Taiwan, develops and markets machine vision systems and testing software for the semiconductor and display industries. Favite offers AOI equipment for the production of microLED chips and displays.

Favite is a public company that is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.