Lenovo shows a prototype laptop with a 17.3-inch transparent microLED display, produced by AUO

Lenovo is demonstrating a new prototype laptop device that uses a 17.3" transparent microLED display (produced by AUO). This is just a prototype at this stage, Lenovo says it has no plans to actually commercialize its Project Crystal device.

Lenovo suggests several use cases for such a device - for example sharing information (in a doctor's office, or a hotel desk), or AR applications such as identifying objects behind the screen (although this seems more suitable for higher mobility devices such as tablets or smartphones). 


The 17.3" microLED display is produced by AUO, and offers brightness up to 1000 nits (up to 3,000 nits peak brightness). It is likely that this is the same display AUO developed with ITRI in 2022 - which means it has a resolution of 1820x720, a 120Hz refresh rate, and 55% transmittance.

Posted: Feb 27,2024 by Ron Mertens