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LG Display logoLG Display, based in Korea, is one of the world's largest display makers. LGD produces screens for TVs, laptops and mobile devices.

LG Display's high-end TV technology of choice is WRGB OLED, but the company announced in 2018 that it is also developing Micro-LED TV technology, and in 2020 LG Electronics launched its MAGNIT range of tiled MicroLED TVs based on LGD panels.


LG Electronics continues to improve its MAGNIT microLED TVs, and release new models. LGD itself develops new microLED technologies. In 2022 LGD demonstrated a 12" 100 PPI (pixel pitch 40 um) full-color stretchable MicroLED display. In 2023, LGD researchers together with researchers from Seoul National University developed a fluidic process to efficiently self-assemble microLEDs.

LGD 12-inch stretchable display prototype

According to reports, LGD was supplying the backplanes for Apple's wearable microLED display project (which was cancelled in 2024).

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Reports suggest Samsung and LG are slowing down their microLED business plans

According to reports from Korea and Taiwan, both Samsung Display and LG Display have decided to slow down their microLED business plans. The main reasons behind this are the high production costs of microLEDs and high competition which is seen to lead to low profitability. 

Samsung Display will continue to invest in microLED R&D, but has delayed plans to expand production. LG Display has already reduced the size of its microLED R&D teams and is looking into deploying some of its microLED developers into the OLED side of its business.

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LG Electronics launches a 118-inch 4K MAGNIT MicroLED TV

LG Electronics launched a new MicroLED TV, the 118-inch 4K 120Hz LG MAGNIT (0.6 mm pixel pitch), targeting residential applications. Interestingly the brightenss is quite low, only 250 nits. The TV costs $237,000 - this is a highly expensive screen obviously targeting the top of the luxury TV market. 

The 118-inch TV is based on LG's webOS smart TV platform, and is powered by LG's Alpha 9 AI processor. It offers HDR10 and HDR10 Pro compatibility, AirPlay 2 and Miracast support, and integrated 50-watt speakers.

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LG Electronics launches its first all-in-one MicroLED TV business solution

LG Electronics announced its latest microLED MAGNIT TV, a 136-inch panel that is the company's first microLED that has integrated design with a display controller and speakers. The company didn't detail any specifications, but it likely to be based on LG's LSAD series, that offers 4K resolution at 136-inch, 2000-nits and a refresh rate of 120Hz.

LGE says that its MAGNIT All-in-One is now available on the global market, and is designed for business environments, such as meeting rooms and conference halls. The TV includes LG's Magic Remote that operates like a mouse cursor and assists in presentations, and has several features designed for business meetings use cases.

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LG Display acquires 14 microLED patents from Ultra Display Technology

According to The Elec, LG Display acquired 14 microLED related patents from Taiwan-based Ultra Display Technology. The patents mostly detail microLED transfer technology, but some are also related to microLED microdisplays. 

LG Display is stepping up its microLED projects. It has reportedly signed a deal to supply microLED backplanes to Apple, and has recently demonstrated 12" stretchable microLED displays. UDT's technology is focused on stamp-based microLED transfer. LG is also looking into fluidic processes for microLED transfer

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Researchers from Seoul National University, together with LG, use a 20 years old fluidic process to efficiently self-assemble microLEDs

Researchers from Seoul National University, in collaboration with LG Electronics, developed a new transfer process for microLED displays, based on a fluidic process.

The new process, called Fluidic Self‑Assembly (FSA), starts with a collection of microLEDs (chiplets) dispersed in an assembly solution, and a display substrate in which the binding targets are coated with molten solder. The substrate is immersed in the fluid, and then the fluid is set in motion (is shaken), which causes the microLED chiplets to make repeated contact with a binding targets. When a microLED chiplet meets the binding target, surface tension induces an irreversible bond between the solder and a metal electrode on the chiplet.

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LG launches microLED MAGNIT displays for virtual production

LG Electronics launched a new version of its microLED MAGNIT displays, specifically for virtaul production (model LBAF). The new model is designed to help directors to create immersive visual experiences, ideal for film and media production.

The new MAGNIT TVs feature LG's chip-on-board (COB) LED technology and a 1.5mm pixel pitch. LG's previous microLED displays were available in four four pixel pitch options - 0.68, 0.78, 0.94 and 1.25 mm.

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LG Display demonstrates its stretchable 12" microLED touch display prototype

I 2022 LG Display demonstrated a 12" 100 PPI (pixel pitch 40 um) full-color stretchable MicroLED display. During Display Week 2023, the company demonstrated this display again, in a demo that showed a working touch version of this display covering an automotive-style button, which was quite impressive.

The display can stretch up to 20% (to create a 14" display), and LG says that this display can be commercialized soon, as it is highly flexible, durable, and reliable. The new display is produced on a "highly resilient film-type substrate made of special silicon used in contact lenses".

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MicroLED technologies at SID Display Week 2023 - what to expect

SID Display Week is the display industry's premier display show and this year's event, which will take place on May 21-26, should be an excellent one.

Display Week covers all aspects of the display industry and the whole spectrum of display technologies. MicroLEDs are seen by many to be the next generation display technology, and there will indeed be an increased focus on microLED technologies and displays at the upcoming Display Week.

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MicroLEDs at Electronic Displays conference: a talk with conference chairman Prof. Karlheinz Blankenbach

The European Electronics Display Conference (edC), which takes place next week at Nuremberg, Germany, is a leading display conference, which takes part as part of the embedded world event. The conference focuses on industrial and automotive displays, and includes two days of keynote speeches and sessions.

MicroLEDs are featured at the conference, as the organizers realize the importance of the next-generation display technology. We had a short talk with the conference charimen Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Blankenbach from Pforzheim University's Display Lab. 

Q: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Dr. Karlheinz. Can you tell us a bit about the Electronic Display Europe Conference?

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LG shows a 272" 8K microLED MAGNIT TV, also shares a nice installation video of its launch event in India

LG Business Solutions launched its MAGNIT MicroLED TVs in India, and the company shared a nice launch-event video showing the first installation in India for the event:

LG's latest microLED TVs are the LSAD series, for which the main size is a 136-inch 4K display. The TVs offer 2000-nits and 120Hz, and are powered by LG's latest Alpha 9 AI-enhanced processor and the company's own webOS smart TV platform.

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