PlayNitride is working with customers on automotive microLED displays, expects first concept car demonstrations in 2024

Digitimes reports that PlayNitride is starting to sample microLED panels for 5 or 6 potential automotive customers. The customers are interested in flexible and transparent panels, and they have engaged PlayNitride in custom R&D projects to develop the required displays.

PlayNitride 9.38'''' transparent microLED prototype (Touch Taiwan 2022)

PlayNitride's CEO, Charles Li, noted that the company expects its customers to launch several concept car models in early 2024, equipped with the new microLED displays.

PlayNitride started to develop automotive microLED panels in 2019, and has demonstrated several prototype displays in the last years.

Ennostar's chairman, Lee Bying-Jye (Ennostar is a major shareholder in PlayNitride) estimates that microLED automotive displays will enter the market at around 2028-2029. It will be a challenge to introduce these sooner as production costs are still too high and need to be reduced by at least 90%.

Both Ennostar and PlayNitride are members of the MicroLED Industry Association.

Posted: Sep 27,2022 by Ron Mertens