Rohinni shuts down, files for bankruptcy

US-based Rohinni was established in 2013, and focused on miniLED and microLED technologies for lighting and displays. The company, one of the microLED industry pioneers, unfortunately recently shut down and filed for bankruptcy. This 

Rohinni miniLED bondhead deposition photo

Rohinni developed precise placement technology that can achieve speeds greater than 100Hz for mini LEDs. The company has achieved mass product production volumes with its keyboard and logo backlighting joint venture, Luumii. 


IN August 2018 Rohinni announced a JV with Magna Electronics to bring mini-LED and micro-LED lighting devices to the automotive market. In 2019 Rohinni announced a new joint venture with China-based display maker BOE to develop LCD mini-LED and micro-LED backlighting units. The JV with BOE is (was?) called BOE Pixey.

In 2021, Rohinni announced that the company has developed a new design for its miniLED composite bondhead, which now allows multiple bondheads to run in parallel. Rohinni says it has been able to accelerate its miniLED deposition speed 14X compared to 'competing technologies'. With the new system, Rohinni demonstrated >99.999% placement yield and scalability at speeds greater than 100 die per second. Earlier in 2021, Rohinni said that it developed a new placement technology for mini-LED that doubles the placement speed compared to its previous technology and achieves a 100 Hz placement operation.

Posted: Mar 01,2024 by Ron Mertens