Saphlux Unveils T2 Series Monolithic Full-Color Micro-Display with Enhanced Brightness and Color Performance

In a recent announcement, Saphlux, Inc. revealed that its NPQD® Monolithic Full-Color Micro- LED (mLED) technology has successfully undergone a new round of technological upgrades. Following this advancement, the company has launched the enhanced T2 series micro-displays.

The Saphlux T series micro-displays incorporate core technologies, including NPQD® and large-scale silicon-based bonding, specifically tailored for the AR display applications. The series currently encompasses 0.12-inch monochrome single-color (red, green, blue) micro-displays and 0.39-inch monolithic full-color micro-displays.


The essence of NPQD® technology lies in the innovative embedding of red and green quantum dots (QDs) into the nano-pores (NPs) of gallium nitride, enabling direct color conversion on a blue mLED wafer. This innovation not only addresses the challenges of reliability and brightness in traditional QD color conversion but has also led to a high-performance monolithic full-color light engine. The recent upgrade significantly enhances the color gamut and brightness of the T1-0.39 micro-display. Dr. Song Jie, Vice President of Technology at Saphlux, notes, "Compared to its predecessor, the T2-0.39 micro-display boasts a 70% improvement in color gamut and a 40% increase in brightness, rendering more vivid and true-to-life colors across various application scenarios."

Saphlux plans to introduce a 0.26-inch full-color mLED micro-display, based on this upgraded technology, that meets the DCI-P3 color standard by the end of the second quarter of this year, with an expected peak brightness exceeding 500,000 nits. 

Leveraging its newly established silicon-based micro-display production line, Saphlux plans to mass-produce 0.26-inch full-color micro-displays in the second half of this year, aiming to meet the demands of end-user AR glasses customers.

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Posted: Jan 22,2024 by Ron Mertens