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A spotlight on Instrument Systems: a MicroLED Industry Association member

We're happy to interview Tobias Steinel Ph.D., works as a product manager at Instrument Systems GmbH, as part of our series of interviews with MicroLED Industry Association members. Germany based Instrument Systems manufacturers high-precision spectrometers, complex systems and software solutions for spectral light measurements.

Tobias is responsible for Instrument Systems’ measurement portfolio in the field of microLED optical testing and AR/VR/MR applications.

Can you please introduce your company and technology? 

With facilities in Munich and Berlin, Germany, Instrument Systems develops and produces high-end light measurement technology for flat panel displays, micro-displays, near-to-eye displays, automotive lighting, VCSEL systems and LED/SSL modules. Our color and light measurement solutions are used in display production sites worldwide. In addition to the manufacture of measuring equipment, our core competence is that our accredited test laboratory guarantees independent, reliable and comparable measurement results for every measuring device purchased. These can be traced back directly to the reference standards of national metrology institutes.

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A spotlight on XPANCEO: a MicroLED Industry Association member

We're happy to interview Valentyn S. Volkov, PhD, co-founder and Scientific Partner at XPANCEO, as part of our series of interviews with MicroLED Industry Association members. Dubai-based XPANCEO develops eXtended Computing (XC) contact lenses, a next generation computing category - based on microLED microdisplays.

Valentyn S. Volkov, PhD, co-founder and Scientific Partner at XPANCEO, is an internationally renowned expert in the field of nanophotonics and advanced materials, with 20 years of experience at leading universities and research centers.

Q: Can you introduce your company and technology?

XPANCEO is a deep tech company specializing in advanced technology, working to evolve the next generation of computing through the development of an imperceptible and weightless smart contact lens that seamlessly integrates with the wearer's natural vision. This innovative lens revolutionizes the entire concept of human-technology interaction, reshaping the way individuals engage with both the physical and digital realms, encompassing social media, content consumption, and gaming. By consolidating all personal devices into a single entity, the lens metamorphoses daily activities into an expansive Extended Reality (XR) encounter, featuring sophisticated real-time health monitoring, comprehensive practical suggestions, capabilities such as night vision and zoom, and state-of-the-art privacy and security protocols.

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A spotlight on WEVE: a MicroLED Industry Association member

We're happy to introduce WEVE , a South Korean microLED inspection solution developer. The company collaborates with Korea’s largest display manufacturers, and is now approaching the global markets with its systems and solutions.

Can you introduce your company and technology?

WEVE is based in South Korea, and we specialize in Micro LED inspection solutions. Our technology is trusted by the biggest display manufacturers in Korea. We closely cooperate with industry-leading companies from Taiwan, Europe, and China. As a key technological partner of leading manufacturers, we have had to keep our operations out of the light for some time, which is why there is not much information about us available yet.

We do simultaneous AOI, PL, and Color difference analysis (xyY) of CoW, Epi-Wafers, and panels. We provide highly accurate, stable, and reliable solutions that can withstand high-volume inspections and the hardships of 24/7 heavy operations. I believe that WEVE is among the world's top companies by the total number of Micro LED wafers inspected thanks to our partners and customers who on one hand required us to keep things low but on the other, opened rare opportunities to sharpen our technology. Significant Inspection volumes provided valuable insights and experience needed to be at the frontier of the inspection field.

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MicroLED Industry Association members share their collective views on the microLED industry’s direction and goals

The MicroLED Industry Association released a new internal market note, detailing its member views on the current goals and direction the industry should take. The market note includes analysis into the current industry situation, future projections and display segmentation based on members’ opinions, and also includes a market/industry sentiment review.

Following Apple’s decision to cancel its main microLED wearable display project, many in  the industry feel that there is a strong need for the microLED industry to align its strategy to make sure the industry moves in the right direction and manages to achieve a successful market introduction of microLED display technologies.

As you can see in the graph above, most microLED association members believe that the first goal of the industry should be to target niche applications, as it is highly challenging to target the display industry’s main segments (TVs, smartphones, wearables and IT devices). Targeting niche applications may be easier as the volume requirements are lower, the price pressure may be lower and such applications could benefit from the performance gains enables by microLED displays. 

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Driving Innovation: The Transformative Potential of MicroLEDs in Automotive Displays

The MicroLED Industry Association published today a new white paper, that is focused on microLED automotive displays.

One of the key markets for microLED developers is the automotive market, as microLED displays provide strong benefits over existing technologies, and the luxury automotive segment makes it possible to adopt next generation display technologies even at low volume and relatively high prices.

This white paper focuses on the automotive industry, explains the need for next-generation displays, and details the latest automotive display prototypes and technologies. The white paper also includes a discussion OLED technology challenges, the opportunities for microLED developers and a detailed look into the different display types used in the automotive industry.

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Impressions from the MicroLED Association's meeting at DisplayWeek 2024

The MicroLED Association's meeting took place on Monday, May 13th, at the McEnery conference center in San Jose, where SID's DisplayWeek event is currently underway. This meeting marked the second time in which MIA members gathered to network, exchange opinions and strengthen relationships within the Association.

The meeting was joined by almost 40 representatives of Association members, and was a laid-back event with an informal atmosphere, which enabled open conversation and friendly networking.

The Association's founder, Ron Mertens, gave a short speech that recounted the achievements and projects of the last year, and shared plans for future endeavors. A professional discussion followed, on a range of topics including cost reduction, target applications, microLED roadmaps, collaborations and recent shifts in the display industry.

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The MicroLED Association reports over 6,000 downloads of its white papers and presentations

The MicroLED Industry Association has announced that in less than 18 months, there have been over 6,000 downloads of its white papers, roadmap and library documents.

MicroLED Library covers

The MicroLED Association has published four white papers, and towards the end of 2023 it published its first industry roadmap. The display industry is highly interested in microLED solutions, and this has created much interest in the Association’s papers, as evident by the large number of downloads.

In addition to its own white papers, a year ago the MicroLED Industry Association launched the MicroLED Library, an extensive compilation of MicroLED presentations, white papers, brochures and more. A year after the MicroLED Library was announced, the association reports over 1,000 downloads for the documents in the library, further enhancing the reach of its members and helping to educate display professionals with the latest microLED technologies, processes and topics.

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The MicroLED Industry Association to host its 2nd annual meeting at SID's Displayweek 2024

SID's DisplayWeek is the world's leading display conference, gathering display professionals from all over the world. DisplayWeek will also host the 2024 annual meeting of the MicroLED Industry Association, where members will get together to share updates, connect with colleagues and launch new business relationships in a pleasant and welcoming setting.

San Jose, California photo

Last year's DisplayWeek event marked the first MIA meeting, bringing together over 40 display professionals. We look forward to seeing our members soon!

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Apple cancels its microLED wearable display project, how will this affect the microLED industry?

Apple started developing microLED displays for wearable devices years ago, first aiming to launch the first product in 2023. The project was delayed several times, as the cost of production for microLED displays was too high for Apple, to the point where it was suggested Apple's goal is to launch the first microLED watch in 2027.

Apple Watch

One of Apple's main microLED partners is ams-Osram, that is building a $850 Million 8-inch microLED epiwafer factory in Malaysia. Yesterday ams-Osram announced that its "cornerstone project" (it did not name Apple specifically) got unexpectedly cancelled. This triggered ams-Osram to re-assess its microLED strategy. As a first estimate ams-Osram believes it will have impairment charges of $650-$900 million and it will also likely to cancel or delay some of its investments in Malaysia (which may actually improve the company's cashflow in the next two years).

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Join us in April for a 2-day OLED innovations virtual event, as part of MicroLED-Connect!

MicroLED Connect, our hybrid event series focusing on the microLED industry, will be hosting a two-day virtual event focused on the OLED innovations, technologies, manufacturing, markets and more. The online event will take place on April 10-11, and will be an excellent opportunity to learn the latest OLED updates and connect with industry professionals on our excellent online event platform..

MicroLED-Connect OLED innovations virtual event agenda image

Today we have published the agenda for this event, with 20 exciting talks by leading OLED developers, supply chain companies and top-edge researchers. This will be an excellent opportunity to learn and connect with the OLED industry. You can register for the event here, with a yearly pass to MicroLED-Connect (with an option to also include entry into our September on-site event in Eindhoven, The Netherlands). Our members also gain access to past event recordings.

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