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VueReal logoCanada-based VueReal is a startup company that develops Micro-LED display technologies. VueReal developed a cartridge-based microLED printing process that can produce high density displays at high production yields.

In 2017 VueReal demonstrated a 4K micro-LED microdisplay that achieves the world's highest density for an emissive display at 6,000 PPI, and in 2019 the company said it developed a 30,000 PPI MicroLED microdisplay.


In 2018 VueReal raised $10.5 million in its series-A funding round to construct an advanced nano technology fabrication center in Waterloo, Canada. In 2022, VueReal raised $14.4 million in its Series B funding round.  We posted an interview with the company's CEO and Founder in early 2020.

In 2023, VueReal announced that it has developed and started shipping high-resolution and high-transparency microLED displays to its customers. In April 2023, VueReal announced a breakthrough in its MicroSolid Printing Platform, enabling it to go below 7um LED pitch (on the wafer) for full color microLED deposition. Earlier in 2023, the company was awarded with $7.7 million to scale up its production line.

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Waterloo ON N2L0C7

Why MicroLED is Poised to Revolutionize Wearable Technology

This is a guest article by Dr. Reza Chaji, founder and CEO, VueReal

Imagine a future where your smartwatch evolves from a timepiece to a powerful digital hub, seamlessly integrating all aspects of your life. The potential for smartwatches to become central to daily routines is immense, especially with AI and cutting-edge technologies.

These advanced technologies enable smartwatches to support seamless communication, health and fitness tracking, environmental awareness, biometric security, and more. As a result, smartwatches are becoming indispensable tools that enrich our lives and enhance our health and security in an interconnected world.

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VueReal doubles its microLED production capacity as it enters the consumer market with customizable production

MicroLED display developer VueReal announced that it plans to double its microLED manufacturing space. VueReal says that its upgraded and expanded facilities serve as both a production center for its customers and also as a blueprint for its partners to build their own fabs.

VueReal is currently offering microLED display production for the automotive market, and it is now also entering the consumer market, targeting wearable devices, TVs, IT applications, and AR products with its MicroSolid Printing platform. 

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MicroLED Connect - where the MicroLED industry meets!

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The most important dedicated MicroLED conference and exhibition worldwide. And it is the first ever dedicated MicroLED event!

Dates: 25 & 26 Sept 2024
Location: High Tech Campus, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Organizers: TechBlick and the MicroLED Industry Association

Agenda: Amazing speaker line-up including Google, Yole, Continental, Aixtron, Applied Materials, Toray Engineering, TCL CSOT, JCDecaux, CEA Leti, Coherent, VueReal, Omdia, and many others.  

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VueReal introduces its first microLEDs based on blue LEDs and QD color conversion

MicroLED display developer VueReal announced a new microLED architecture, based on blue LEDs and QD color conversion, which it brands as QuantumVue. VueReal says it developed its own patented dynamic quantum dot (QD) patterning technology which complements its unique proprietary MicroSolid Printing microLED transfer technology.

VueReal says that its QuantumVue displays offer high sustainability and affordability without compromising image quality. The technology is especially suitable for TV panels as it can offer superior performance at a competitive cost compared to a native RGB microLED display architecture.

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VueReal launches a hybrid microLED-LCOS microdisplays

MicroLED developer VueReal launched a hybrid microLED-LCOS microdisplay, branded as ColourFusion microDisplay, targeting AR applications. The basic idea is to use a low-density microLED microdisplay, with an LCOS on top that increases the resolution. 

VueReal says that this solution enables high resolution, high grayscale and color depth, high contrast, and unprecedented low power consumption. VueReal developed innovative power-saving algorithm and a backplane that supports variable frame rates. The microLED unit is deposited using VueReal’s proprietary MicroSolid Printing technology. 

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VueReal to integrate Toray Engineering's PL inspection tool into its MicroSolid MicroLED Printing Platform

MicroLED display developer VueReal announced a strategic partnership with Toray Engineering. As part of this collaboration, VueReal will integrate Toray's TASMIT 3000SR-Ⅲ300 PL inspection tool into its turnkey MicroSolid Printing platform. The announcement mentions several customized and optimized tools, but does not provide more details.

VueReal and Toray say that the PL inspection tool 3000SR-Ⅲ300 seamlessly integrates with VueReal's MicroSolid Printing platform to further reduce surface inspection device review time and contribute to greater inspection efficiency. This system acquires images of defects with a high level of magnification and categorizes defect types.

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VueReal and Continental to collaborate on automotive microLED displays

MicroLED display developer VueReal announced a partnership with automotive supplier Continental to showcase innovative automotive display designs based on VueReal's microLED technology.

VueReal did not say much about this joint project with Continental, but it is likely that Continental will develop and demonstrate microLED-based automotive displays based using displays provided by VueReal. In January 2024 Continental demonstrated its first microLED automotive display prototype, the CrystalCenter Display which is based on a 10" microLED display, but we do not know whether it was supplied by VueReal or a different microLED developer.

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A spotlight on VueReal: a MicroLED Industry Association member

We're happy to interview Reza Chaji, CEO and founder at VueReal, as part of our series of interviews with MicroLED Industry Association members. Canada-based VueReal developed a unique microLED display production process (which it refers to as a MicroSolid Printing Platform) and the company now offers a turnkey platform that enables its partners and customers to develop a custom display and fabricate it at VueReal's own pilot production line. 

Hello Reza, can you introduce your company and technology?

From the outset, we recognized that microLED solutions should address the formidable challenges of developing smartphone microLED displays to pave the way beyond niche markets. Consequently, our focus has been on developing scalable and cost-competitive technologies tailored for high-volume applications. This strategic approach positions us effectively to address the smartphone sector soon and opens doors to other markets.

VueReal's fundamental technological innovation lies in our transfer solution with unique printing attributes, microSolid Printing. This groundbreaking solution boasts distinct advantages over lasers and pick-and-place methods.

Read the full story Posted: Feb 08,2024

Vuereal shows its latest microLED microdisplays at CES 2024

MicroLED display developer VueReal demonstrated its latest microLED display prototypes at CES 2024.

In the video, you can see VueReal's 2um microLED microdisplays. These are monochrome displays, but VueReal says it will showcase its first full-color microdisplays in Displayweek 2024. VueReal's CEO Reza Chazi explains the company's approach and solutions.

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VueReal starts shipping high-resolution high-transparency microLED displays to customers

VueReal announced that it has developed and started shipping high-resolution and high-transparency microLED displays to its customers. Using the company's own MicroSolid Printing Platform, Vuereal integrates microLEDs into an active-matrix microLED display to enable high-efficiency and high quality displays with tunable transparency (from 80% to zero).

VueReal offers a turnkey platform that enables its partners and customers to develop a custom display and fabricate it at VueReal's own pilot production line. VueReal says that it is now accepting new orders for high-resolution and high-transparency displays.

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