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TrendForce sees 150 micron Micro LED-like displays arriving in the market next year

Aug 04, 2017

Market research company TrendForce says Micro LED displays still face several challenges. Commercialization of LED displays with small pitch sizes, which TrendForce calls "Micro LED-like" displays are expected by 2018.

Micro-LED challenges (July 2017, TrendForce)

TrendForce defines Micro LED displays as displays with LED size smaller than 100 microns. There are still several challenges ahead - with a major one being the the mass transfer of micron-size LEDs to a display backplane. Companies are now aiming to commercialize 150 micron displays as early as next year, and then will follow to develop processes to support small LED sizes.

KIMM researchers design a fast and reliable roll-to-roll micro-LED production process

Jul 30, 2017

Researchers from Korea's Institute of Machinery and Materials (KIMM) developed a new micro-LED manufacturing process based on a roll-to-roll transfer process. The researcher say that this kind of process may enable fast and reliable production.

The patented process is said to be much faster than conventional process, using an "ink-like" placement mechanism. The researchers say that in this process you can place more than 10,000 LEDs in a second - compared to about 1-10 LEDs per second in a conventional process.

Welcome to MicroLED-Info!

Jun 10, 2017

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