Konka shows a massive 310" 4K-Plus microLED display

At CES 2024, Konka is demonstrating a massive 310" microLED display. The display offers 4K-Plus resolution (Konka did not detail the exact resolution), low reflectivity (<5%), 800 nits of brightness, high refresh rate (not detailed) and a large color gamut (85% BT.2020).

Konka says that this display uses the company's self developed and fully proprietary microLED chips. Konka produces its microLED chips using Aixtron's MOCVD systems.


Last year Konka showed a 59" tiled microLED TV prototype screen, the smallest microLED TV shown to date - which seemed to be an early prototype. Back in 2019, Konka announced it is building a $365 million micro-LED R&D center in Chongqing, as the company Konka believes that Micro-LED will become the leading technology for ultra-high quality consumer TVs. Earlier that year, Konka launched tiled large micro-LED displays called APHAEA brand. Konka demonstrated several possible configurations - including 118" 4K and 236" 8K. The price of a 118" 4K display was around $240,000 while the 236" 8K TV costs $1.25 million. Click here for more information on Konka's APHAEA micro-LED TVs. It's likely that the new 310" microLED display is even more expensive.


Konka Aphaea Watch specifications

The company also launched a microLED smartwatch, but that never saw the light of day.

Posted: Jan 11,2024 by Ron Mertens