Tianma and Konka to continue their microLED projects despite Apple's withdrawal

A few days ago, Apple decided to cancel its microLED project with ams-Osram, a development that took the display industry by surprise (or at least parts of the industry). MicroLED developers are now looking to understand how Apple's decision will shape the industry, and a couple of days ago two China-based developers, Tianma Microelectronics and Konka, said that they are continuing their own microLED developments projects, as the companies are still optimistic about the future of microLEDs.

Konka has vertically integrated its supply chain and is producing its own microLED chips using Aixtron's MOCVD systems. Back in 2019, Konka announced it is building a $365 million micro-LED R&D center in Chongqing, as the company believes that Micro-LED will become the leading technology for ultra-high quality consumer TVs. Earlier that year, Konka launched tiled large micro-LED displays called APHAEA brand. Konka demonstrated several possible configurations - including 118" 4K and 236" 8K. The price of a 118" 4K display was around $240,000 while the 236" 8K TV had a price tag of $1.25 million. Click here for more information on Konka's APHAEA micro-LED TVs


In 2023, Konka showed a 59" tiled microLED TV prototype screen, the smallest microLED TV shown to date - which seemed to be an early prototype. The company also launched a microLED smartwatch, but that never saw the light of day.

Konka APHAEA microLEDs at CES 2020

Tianma is also developing several microLED technologies. In 2022, the company announced plans to establish a $165 million USD full-process microLED pilot line in Xiamen. In 2023, Tianma demonstrated its latest microLED prototypes - all of which were transparent displays - including a 8.75" panel, a low-reflection microLED and a 9.38" bright (1,500 nits) panel that offers an adjustable transparency.

In 2023 Tianma unveiled a 1.63" 403 PPI microLED display, that targets wearables and small mobile terminals.

Posted: Mar 08,2024 by Ron Mertens