Reports from Korea suggest that Apple may further delay its first microLED watch to 2027

Apple started developing microLED displays for wearable devices years ago, first aiming to launch the first product in 2023. The project was delayed several times, as the cost of production for microLED displays is still too high for Apple.

Last year TrendForce estimated that Apple will not be able to introduce its first microLED watch until 2026 - and now we hear some new reports that suggest that this won't happen until 2027 at the earliest. 


These are all speculations, likely, but it is true that the cost of production and the complexity of the processes and supply chains are indeed prohibiting wide adoption of microLED displays. Apple is using its own process and design for the microLED display, and it is estimated that the current cost of production is around $150 per display (around 4 times higher than what Apple is currently paying for the high-end LTPO AMOLED).

Posted: Feb 07,2024 by Ron Mertens