KOPTI researchers develop promising new ZnO/GaN microLEDs

Researchers from the Korea Photonics Technology Institute (KOPTI) have developed highly efficient microLED devices. the researchers say that these new LEDs maintain an IQE of over 90% and are not effected by small chip site and increased current density.

The new microLEDs, branded as ZOGAN LEDs, are made from p-ZnO and p-GaN. The researchers say that the non-radiative leakage current is almost negligible and not increased as the chip size decreases even below 10 um. The researchers created blue ZOGAN LEDs in sizes 5, 10 and 20 um and confirmed the high performance in all these devices.


The researchers patented the new structure, and will look to commercialize the technology.

Posted: Nov 02,2023 by Ron Mertens