STRATACACHE to integrate Lumiode's backplane deposition technology in its microLED fab in Eugene, Oregon

US-based signage leader STRATACACHE announced that it has signed a strategic research and IP licensing agreement with US-based Lumiode that will enable STRATACACHE to integrate Lumiode's technology in its upcoming E4 microLED production line in Eugene, Oregon.

Lumiode's technology enables the deposition of an active matrix backplane directly on the LED structure. Lumiode's technology enables the production of both large-area displays and small microdisplays, and it is likely that STRATACACHE is interested in the former. 


STRATACACHE says that this partnership is the first of several partnerships it will announce in the coming month. In January 2021, we posted an article detailing the company's plan for the E4 line in Eugene.

Lumiode microLED pixel cross section image

In 2019 we posted an article explaining Lumiode's unique technology.

Posted: Feb 01,2024 by Ron Mertens