A spotlight on Lextar: a Microled Industry Association member

We're happy to interview Lextar, as part of our new series of interviews with MicroLED Industry Association members. Lextar, a global LED developer, was established in 2008 in Taiwan as a subsidiary of AU Optronics, and is now part of Ennostar following a merger with Epistar. Lextar is producing microLED chips, and has launched its first commercial microLED products In 2018.

Q: Hello! Can you introduce your company and technology?

Lextar Electronics, a subsidiary of Ennostar Inc., was founded in May 2008 and has top research and developed team on T.E.M.O.( Thermal.Electrical .Mechanical. Optical ) vertical integration technology with over 2,300 patents worldwide and offers excellent optoelectronics technology solutions and services based on great expertise and group support. Lextar’s products cover LCD backlights, Mini LED, automotive, 3D/2D sensing, UV sterilization/curing and professional lighting which are widely applied in home appliances, automotive, industrial areas, etc.

In order to accelerate the investment of advanced applications and improve operation efficiency, Lextar and EPISTAR jointly established the best compound semiconductor investment platform - Ennostar Holdings (stock code 3714) through share swap in 2021.


Below are key product segments in Lextar:

Backlight: Lextar offers the best backlight solution with wide color gamut, high brightness, ultra thin size, high stability and long life performance.

Professional Lighting: Lextar offers total solutions for photosynthesis, vegetative growth, germination, leafing, and flowering. The horticulture series feature high efficacy in PPF/W and excellent reliability design with great lifetime performance.

Automotive: Lextar provides a wide range of automotive components for lighting, display, and sensor, and also offers automotive module customized services.

Wearable and IR: Lextar’s IR LEDs and VCSELs cover wide wavelengths with various viewing angles and offer excellent performance in industrial automation, night vision camera, drowsiness detection, smart doorbell, iris recognition, facial recognition system, motion detection, vehicle plate recognition, people counting and so forth.

RGB: I-Mini offers the ultra high contrast ratio and brightness of RGB LED display module solution for indoor or semi-outdoor application. With the flexibility to create different dimensions and shapes through splicing, it is the best choice for all types of application, such as shopping mall, meeting room, cinema and home entertainment. Lextar’s various models include all important wavelengths and could also customize the spectrum for customers.

Q: Can you say why you joined the microLED association and what it is you hope to achieve?

Lextar was happy to join the new microLED association, as we believe this industry will benefit from joint cross-industry promotion and collaboration. More specifically, we have several goals for our membership:

  • Gather consensus on the development of Micro LED displays
  • Seek cooperation between members
  • Advertise company products and technologies
  • Promote business performance
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Enhance business network

Q: What is your biggest achievement to date in the microLED industry?

During Touch Taiwan 2022, we presented several i-pixel products, see below (click on the images to enlarge):




Q: How do you see microLEDs changing the display industry in the next 5-10 years?

MicroLEDs would surely change the display technology for its’ ultra high brightness, environmental robustness, fast response, wider gamut, arbitrary shape and seamless tiling capabilities.

Posted: Nov 21,2022 by Ron Mertens