Q-Pixel developed an active-matrix 6800 PPI microLED microdisplay based on its colot-tunable LED technology

US-based Q-Pixel announced that it has developed a new 3K x 1.5K, a 1.1x0.6 cm (6800 PPI) microLED microdisplay. Q-Pixel says that this is the world's highest resolution color microdisplay - but they actually mean the highest density full-color microdisplay.

Q-Pixel's technology is based around a single-pixel color-tunable microLED device, and the company's displays are produced using a monolithic process. In May 2023, the company announced a 5,000 PPI full-color microdisplay. In fact, later in 2023 the company announced a 10,000 PPI microLED microdisplay, but the 10,000 display was a passive-matrix microdisplay, and the newly announced display is an active-matrix one. 


Q-Pixel is a MicroLED Industry Association member.

Posted: Apr 13,2024 by Ron Mertens


Keops (not verified)

So, it’s similar to Porotech’s technology ?
I think unified pixels are great because that the only way the can be made easily + no subpixel means much better clarity.

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